Light Touch Therapeutic Massage


Close your eyes. Take a good breath in. Slow down. Allow your body to feel the support of the table. Exhale and let go of tension, stress, any pain, letting it move down and out your body. Know that with every breath you are giving your muscles permission to relax, slowly and gently, at your own pace.

Now is your time. Your time for massage. Your time for healing. Your time to renew your body, mind and spirit. Your time at Light Touch Therapeutic Massage.

Leslie Norris, owner/practitioner of Light Touch Therapeutic Massage, believes that you know your body best. She will listen to you and tailor your massage to your current needs, as she has listened to her clients since 1989. With an eclectic mix of Swedish, Esalen, Trigger Point and LaStone therapeutic massage techniques, Leslie will work with you to relax, release stress and tension, aid in recovery from injury or surgery, and cope with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia.

Whether you are there for relaxation or recovery, Light Touch Therapeutic Massage is a nurturing, caring, quiet place to take time for yourself.